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Armorica is the first traditionally made cod liver oil in the UK, using only UK caught cod. Naturally releasing the oil through fermentation ensures that all of the nutrients, including those lesser known ones, remain intact, giving the consumer the full benefit of the oil.

We employ a traditional fermentation method which was first used by the Celts, and later commercialised by the Romans, and is still used throughout Asia today. Celtic tribes in Europe would create a sauce by fermenting specific fish with salt. This sauce was claimed to be a strength giving elixir by both the Romans and the Celts.

Some of the best and most renowned fermented fish sauce for its time came from a region in Brittany, France. This region was known as Armorica, and our fermented cod liver oil is named after this region to reflect the quality of the oil, and the traditional production method.

Of course, we have tweaked the method slightly. We have taken advantage of more suitable fermenting containers, we can create oxygen free environments, and we take steps to ensure environmental pollutants are removed. However, the method, and the final product do accurately represent what we believe to be nothing short of a healthy elixir.

If you have any questions, please do contact us. We have tried to answer as many questions as we can on this website, so do have a browse, but we are happy to help if you can’t find the answer you are looking for.


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